Sister Journals: The Services Transactions on Cloud Computing (STCC) (Print) ISSN 2326-7542 (Online) ISSN 2326-7550 includes topics related to the advancements in the state of the art standards and practices of Cloud Computing, as well as emerging research topics which are going to define the future of Cloud Computing.

Sister Journals: The Services Transactions on Big Data (STBD) (Print) ISSN 2326-4411 (Online) ISSN 2326-442X aims to cover topics include but not limited to architecture, modeling, development, deployment, analytics, optimization, outsourcing, delivery model, consulting, and solutions of big data.

Sister Journals: International Journal of Services Computing (IJSC) (Print) ISSN 2330-4464 (Online) ISSN 2330-4472 aims to be a core resource providing leading technologies, development applications, empirical studies, and future trends in the field of Services Computing.